To view the items I currently have Finding a long forgotten rod or reel, might even encourage you to start a collection and join the happy band of enthusiasts like myself who haunt the tackle auctions and car boot sales in the hope of finding a great rarity. The threadline revolution began on May 4th 1905, when Alfred Holden Illingworth patented his now famous, Illingworth No.1 reel. Although designed for light float fishing, reports of it landing large salmon and pike soon enhanced its reputation. Early Vintage Large Fishing Creel Basket Tackle & Reels Home or Shop Display Please check the Photos. Shipping costs The message here is a simple one. Moller, Weight 18lbs, June 10th 1932” The black and white photograph attached to the bottom left corner shows the angler holding the fish, with Jewel Lake in the background. cards directly. If you have the box with it, you just found some gold in your tackle … So, when I’m asked the best way to start a collection, I always suggest an item from the angler’s past. We buy also of course to keep our stock of vintage and antique fishing tackle turning over on a regular basis so let us know if you have something interesting. Top centre is the classic ‘Coxon Aerial’.