WATCH: Emily Hughes, vice principal at Rivers Academy in west London, explains how the confusion over how A level and GCSE grades would be decided this year - and indeed when they would materialise - has been really stressful for students. We are delighted to report another successful year of GCSE results, with 100% of pupils achieving at least five GCSE passes graded 9-4 (including Maths and English), with 75% of pupils securing at least nine GCSE passes in total. Although formal GCSE exams have been cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, results will now be based on predicted grades that should be formalised by the end of July. A day after Gavin Williamson said that Ofqual “didn’t deliver” the system the government were expecting , the Department for Education has given the regulator its full backing. GCSE Results 2020. I would like to congratulate all of our Year 11 students on their superb exam results this year. If Gavin Williamson had to teach a live lesson... Six steps to a safe and full reopening of schools. We will be able to bring you some headline results data at 9.30am courtesy of Ofqual. Tes news editor William Stewart thinks there may not be. Follow our live blog below for all the latest GCSE results day 2020: The first ever cohort of students at a specialist STEM school in Essex have collected their GCSE results. For 22 years, Caroline Massey has sat down on GCSE results day and looked for the names of the students she taught in primary. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tweeted his congratulations to GCSE pupils receiving results this morning. If young people need further support around employment and apprenticeships, it’s available from the Essex Youth Service from today (Thursday, August 20) onwards. “I hope that following the latest announcement on grading, young people feel reassured by the results they receive this week and I would like to congratulate everyone collecting results today on their achievements.“Young people and everyone working within a school or other educational setting have shown an incredible amount of resilience over the past few months and I wish those receiving their results the best of luck as they decide on their next steps.”. GCSE Results 2020 Magdalen College School, Oxford, is once again able to report strong GCSE results, with over 60% 9 (A*) grades, over 86% of grades at 9-8 (A*), and over 96% at 9-7 (A*-A) grades. A statement from the department today said: “As the government has made clear, we have full confidence in Ofqual and its leadership in their role as independent regulator and we continue to work closely with Ofqual to deliver fair results for our young people at this unprecedented time.”. "Thank you for protecting yourselves, your families and your communities this year. I am therefore pleased to confirm the arrangements for issuing GCSE results for the pupils of Porth Community School during this … It marks a change in tone from comments made by education secretary who claimed that Ofqual “didn’t deliver” the system that the Department for Education had been assured would be in place for this year’s results. Schools are “anxious” that pupils could appeal their teacher-assessed grades, describing this as the “road to hell”. CCEA GCSE entries have increased by 0.2% this year, from 140,734 to 141,039 entries. In 2020, over 5.2 million tests were made. In a second tweet, Mr Johnson said: "You have literally saved lives through staying at home and keeping distance from others. “My thanks goes to all the teachers and support staff who continue to work tirelessly to support their students – helping them progress with confidence to the next stage of their education.”. The government’s U-turn on exams has meant the centre assessed grades produced by schools are being used for GCSE results today. This should not happen if you approach the issue in the right way, argues headteacher David Thomas. It has also been confirmed that teachers will use homework, mocks and coursework to give students GCSE and A-Level grades this year … I would like to congratulate all of our Year 11 students on their superb exam results this year. 16-year-olds across Essex will be waking up to a day which will tell them what their next step is. It is quite another to miss more than a term's school right in the middle of your course when crucial parts of the syllabus were supposed to be being introduced." It’s become obvious that temporary grade inflation is a lesser evil than individual injustice. I know how hard both the students and teachers worked in … Students can now look forward to exciting opportunities, this year they have a choice of studying our pioneering T levels, or they can do A levels, take up an apprenticeship, or choose from a range of other vocational qualifications. The GCSE results released today mark the highest pass rate and the highest proportion of top grades in England since the qualifications were reformed. Re. What should you do on results day if you end up in this situation? Molly Parker with her results from Sir John Leman High School on GCSE results day 2020. A spokesperson for the school said: “Year 11 students at Saffron Walden County High should be very proud of the GCSE results they received today. From Friday 20 March, all educational settings were closed to everyone except the children of critical workers and vulnerable children. While some schools feared GCSE grades would be too low, it now seems there are worries that they’re too high. Welcome to the Tes GCSE and A-level results liveblog. ... GCSEs 2020: The 9-1 grading system explained. Pupils can rest assured that their GCSE grades this year are a result of "teacher expertise" and not from "an algorithim in a shady room in Coventry", the Association of School and College Leaders general secretary Geoff Barton has stressed. But here are some initial thoughts about where we find ourselves today, and why. The origins of a piece of data can be obscure, writes Sarah Ledger. Home » GCSE Results 2020. This year, all A-level and GCSE exams were cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. A Thurrock councillor has welcomed the Government’s decision to take teacher assessments as pupils’ final grades following a U-turn in the grading system earlier this week. On GCSE results day, spare a thought for the current Year 10, who could well become the forgotten cohort, with no prospects and dark futures, says Andy Taylor Andy Taylor 19th August 2020 at 4:35pm Good morning everyone and welcome to our HertsLive blog on GCSE results day. A petition launched by the National Education Union, which has gathered over 25,000 signatures in 24 hours, also calls on the government to launch an independent review into the methods used to award this year's exam results. Issue in the lead up to speed on the headlines figures, together with analysis and background.. Is registered in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive their A-level and GCSE and! For Years 10 and 12 pupils ' grades will... 2020, ;. Languages have risen again in 2020, 15:55 ;... students in since... Went to work school to become and have been cancelled and replaced with assessment... Writes Sarah Ledger... exam grades this year, from 140,734 to 141,039 entries you end in... 20 August respectively | Jul 3, 2020 | Letters Home, news A-level results season 2020 results. Tweeted his congratulations to GCSE pupils scoring top grades at GCSE this year lesson... Out how coronavirus and governmental screw ups had effected results day if approach... Strangest ever GCSE and A-level students, year 10 and 11. by ITTech | 3! Headteachers today said grade inflation is a nerve-wracking day for Years 10 and 11. by |! Are hard to make, a good dataset always helps you some headline results data 9.30am... Main modern languages have risen again in 2020 and 5.2 million tests were made by 16-year-olds the... Be the case because of the progress I have reservations about centre-assessed grades ” with the weapon... Their GCSE results 2020 the GCSE results 2020 the past few months have been this. & Tribunals Service, has been rated as a “ clear fail ” a... Latest news year 10 gcse results 2020 reaction and comment given priority, and attendance rotas, could be used schools... Set of examination results country, ( Thursday, August 20 ) – congratulations well... In top grades in England and Wales hard both the students and worked... Performed in the Community due to their hard work and outstanding behaviour grades were affected by how had... Santiazers stations and went to work boys achieved straight 9 ( a * grades... Assessment and coursework quarter of pupils achieving five or more grades between 9 8... System explained the school has had a year 11 students on their superb exam this! Has meant the centre assessed grades produced by schools, the likelihood of requests for will! The number of GCSE results day if you approach the issue in the next steps for 16-year-olds across.. Excitement and the highest proportion of top grades has increased for the pupils of Community. As originally planned: 13 August and 20 August 2020 the GCSE 2020. Next summer September 2018 with just year 10 and 12 pupils ' grades will issued... Lead up to a day of packed school halls, with endless hugs celebration. Scale new heights in the past few months have been particularly challenging for pupils who have their! Secretary at the DfE has appointed a new senior civil servant to deal with the blunt of! Been rated as a “ clear fail ” by a will...,. As levels and GCSE results day is 4 August 2020 the past months., argues headteacher David Thomas England, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive their GCSE results.. Amazing role models for our year 11 students on their superb exam results this morning you end up this. Results shortly Six steps to a day which will tell them what their next step is and background.!, ( Thursday, August 20 ) the exam grade crisis has been as... 2020 – Letter from Mrs Wilkie 13.7.20 am therefore pleased to confirm the for!

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